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THE REAL VOICE TALENT: real friendly. real credible. real energy.

Now there was an interview! Root Boy Slim, of Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band fame, visiting WCMF, latish '70s. Root Boy told me, "I used to be in urban planning. Now I can't even play my lunch." The band did a live downstairs concert. Before going on, Root Boy "shot" a 6-pack of beer, then careened off the stage at one point and landed his large self on midday woman Dia Stein, but she survived. His back-up singers, the Rootettes, also took a liking to one of the weekend jocks and within 5 minutes of meeting him, took him into a back room for a quick getting-to-know-you sexual favor.

Pictured l-to-r: Ted Edwards, Jim Hooley, Chuck Ingersoll, Gary Whipple, with the estimable Root Boy seated in front.

If there were radio jobs, and I wanted a radio job, and it was an oldies format or perhaps personality, adult hits or Jack / Bob, thie WTOC "aircheck" would be my demo for a DJ / on air host / radio personality gig.

Newsman Blaine Schwartz, Bimp the Wonder Panda, and Chuck at WCMF.

Chuck Ingersoll at WCMF, Rochester.

Chuck Ingersoll


Thanks to cassettes saved from back in the day,  airchecks from WCMF and WSAY plus a complete Soul Jazz Spectrum on Jazz 90.1. 



Stuff my Relatives (Well, A Couple of them) Find FascinatinG


Announcer, voice actor and voice talent experience: seven years in commercial radio as morning host and Program Director at WCMF in Rochester, and mid-days and PD at WSAY, Rochester. 20+ years writing and experience as a male voice talent for hundreds of radio and TV commercials, narrations, eLearning, videos, trailers, audio, animation, video games, cartoons, books, podcasts, interactive presentations, phone messaging, training, station imaging, and other voice acting projects. Original music creations, sound sweetening, and other miscellaneous audio projects for video, TV, radio, and commercials. I have some great memories of WCMF and WSAY posted on my chuckingersoll.com and also on the WCMF/WSAY page of this site.

Current radio and all that jazz: Host of the Soul Jazz Spectrum, a program where the groove survives and thrives. Sunday nights from 9 'til 10 pm, ET, on Jazz 90.1 in Rochester (where you can also listen to the live stream.) To listen live, go to the

Jazz 90.1 site.

The ad biz: For 10 years, I was owner/president/ and Panamanian strongman (funnier when Manuel Noriega ruled the Canal Zone) of Ingersoll et al Communications. Clients included Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb and LaserMax. Today I continue to do copywriting, branding, tagline and slogan writing – all part of the advertising mix.

Why all this ad stuff matters. As a copywriter, I can assist you in concepting, writing, and creating radio and TV commercials and other projects, as well as voiceovers for them. I've written for radio, TV, DVDs, videos, Websites, brochures, podcasts, interactive media, etc.

Along with voice talent, I also provide naming and branding services to some of the country's best branding firms: BrandPlay, Rivkin Associates, 800 Degrees and others, creating memorable brand and company names, as well as meaningful taglines, catchy slogans, and ideal positioning for products, services and organizations. As a namer, brand strategist, slogan writer and tagline creator, I can develop the perfect branding for you, your company, product or service. I am also the author of 111 Great Sales & Annual Meeting Themes, an e-book filled with more than 110 sales meeting ideas. To learn more about branding, visit brandsandtags.com. To check out and buy the eBook of 121 Great Sales & Annual Meeting Themes, click here. And as long as I'm schmoozing, I currently feature a package where I create 10 on-target taglines for your product, service, company (or yourself: personal branding) for $977. Info on that is yours by clicking here.

1) Journalist and writer for jazz and music pubs, including downbeat, Different Drummer, and Fusion ; co-founder of Rochester's Freetime magazine. 2) Three summers at the Erie Co. Water Control Center, Dist. #2... a.k.a. the sewage plant. It was an education. You wanna talk about "keepin' it real," this was realer.


For a completely different and more visually dazzling look at Chuck Ingersoll: Go to chuckingersoll.com. This option is recommended only for those with way too much time on their hands.